Freedom Denied

from by Eternal Struggle



Freedom Denied (lyrics by Lior Delman)

Am I the only one to see that we will never be free?
Is this what they promised me an empty life and shattered dreams?
I don't want to live this life I will fight for my own freedom
I will burn down everything and I will ruin your kingdom

The same old game of controlling men is getting really sick
I'm not your fucking chess pawn i refuse to be a part of it
You never tried to live my life to see my point of view
Always been force fed at you institutes and had to lose

Your rules and your morals always crushing on me
Because I live the way I want you had to outcast me
No chance no love no home no honor my life has been denied
it was a painful journey to my salvation but now I can see the light

lost souls and broken spirits lift your eyes off the ground
Some slit their wrists some popping pills but some of them shall rise
I promise you we can take it back we can choose our own lives
We wont be the victims anymore if we unite

I will not accept it
This my life
This is my life to live
This is my fight

We will not accept it
This our life
This is our life to live
This is our fight.


from Breaking & Entering EP, released July 19, 2016
Lior Delman



all rights reserved


Eternal Struggle Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

[Hardcore /Metal/ Punk ]
(Tel-Aviv, Israel)

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